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Radcliffe Group Ltd
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Industry: Multi-Media

Founded: 2013

Radcliffe Group

We put great communication at the heart of better healthcare.

Radcliffe equips healthcare professionals with the skills and practical insights they need to do their best for patients, by bringing the world’s cardiovascular knowledge to life. We combine scientific rigour with communications expertise and technical mastery, to make knowledge-sharing as effortless and effective as

We believe great communication is at the heart of great healthcare. Powerful research and ingenious innovation have always fuelled progress in health but it’s the way that new ideas are shared that ensures positive change happens quickly and equitably. For us, this is always a blend of the medium and the message – where, when and how important knowledge is communicated.

Our work is guided by three principles:

Building on the best science
Knowledge shared, saves lives and we know it all depends on the quality of the insight, the accuracy of
observation and the rigour of the research. We work with the best faculties in the field and the smartest
innovators. Our strict editorial code ensures that the knowledge we share is built on the best science.

Hands on with our community
Radcliffe exists to serve working clinicians around the world, give them a voice and put their experiences front and centre. We shape what we do to fit their lives, and share practice-changing knowledge in a way that’s clear, user-friendly and focused.

Fresh thinking
In a fast-moving field, it’s our mission to find new ways to cut through and inspire: making maximum use of new formats, our imagination.

We promise to equip our users with the latest knowledge and skills needed, to do the
best for patients. We promise that everything clinicians get from us – every piece of content we
put out there will aim to:
— Fit into clinicians life
— Make a mark in our clients' mind
— Be shaped for the real world
— Be easy to share
— Come with evidence attached

For more information, please visit our website - www.radcliffe-group.com.